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 Tali’s teaching method is meticulous and she takes into consideration your needs (slow or heated session, details about each exercise etc). She makes sure that you enjoy the session, and you work (hard) towards your goals. Highly recommended!

Aliki, 32

My wife and I have been having individual Pilates lessons on Skype with Tali for over a year. We are both well into our eighties, so it is a case of maintaining our mobility. Tali’s lessons have been extremely helpful for us as she is careful in choosing exercises for us each that are designed to address our needs while recognising our limitations. Even at a distance she is quick to spot errors in our stance, posture or movement and corrects them in a gentle and always encouraging way. These lessons are fun and valuable in equal measure. Long may they continue.

Stephen, 83


I‘d had chronic back pain for over 20 years. Tali was understanding about my situation and was very knowledgeable about back pain, which gave me the confidence to try the exercises she devised for me. After a few sessions, I noticed a significant change in both the level of pain I experienced and also my ability to tolerate exercise. Alongside the helpfulness of each individual exercise, working with Tali really helped me conquer the fear of moving. I’m very grateful for Tali’s expertise and support and would recommend anyone else to book a session with her.

Fiona 53

Rock Formations_edited.jpg

I had 1-1 sessions with Tali twice a week, 2 months after having ACL reconstruction in my left knee. Tali’s methods not only drew from her extensive knowledge of Pilates exercises, but we also focused on breathwork and somatic practices as we worked with my body and its recovery. Her physical work is supported by a rich knowledge of anatomy, excellent Pilates training and her own experience in movement and physical rehabilitation. I am grateful to have had Tali as a practitioner who guided me through many months of recuperation, supporting me physically and mentally. Tali listened attentively and responded sincerely. Post-operation rehab is difficult, and during times when I didn’t trust my body, I had complete trust in Tali’s method and knowledge to continue guiding me when I was lost.

Working with Tali was always incredibly fun, we would laugh EVERY session and there is nothing better than sharing a smile. Also, laughing continues to help activate the abdominals, no? 

I couldn’t recommend Tali enough to anyone who wishes to work deeper into a Pilates practice, or for those who need someone to help guide and support their physical rehabilitation.

Thank you Tali.

Sophie, 26 

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