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Private Classes

An invaluable way to get to know your own body and its needs. 

Initial consultation includes a postural analysis, pain assessment (if required) and time for you to freely express what you want to get out of sessions, injury history and goals.


Whether you want to manage your chronic pain, recover from a sports injury or simply want to build strength at your own pace, private sessions will help you reach your goals and focus on the most important thing - you and your body. 


  • One-to-one personalised pilates session:

    • £120 initial consultation including free postural analysis

    • £100 per session (1hr)  thereafter

    • Fully personalised client centred sessions 

    • Online or in person


  • Two-to-one pilates session:

    • £190 initial consultation including free postural analysis

    • £160 per session (1hr) thereafter

    • Personalised sessions

    • Online or in person

Open Classes

Based in South East London, Tali’s open classes are a fun, relaxed way to engage in pilates. With creative exercises, constructive feedback and different levels of challenge, these group Pilates classes give you a good workout while still linking back to the basic principles.

It is recommended that new customers complete a one-to-one session with Tali before attending group sessions.

(In Person & Online)
  • Matwork Pilates

  • Open Level

  • Via Renaissance Yoga & Wellbeing

9:30am & 10:40am 
(In Person)
  • Seniors Class

  • Standing, seated and optional mat work exercises

  • Via Branching Out at Telegraph Hill Centre

6:30pm & 7:35pm
(In Person)
  • Back Pain Specialist Pilates

  • Basic & Intermediate Level

  • Via Ankor Pilates

8:50am & 09:55am
(In Person)
  • Back Pain Specialist Pilates

  • Intermediate Level

  • Via Ankor Pilates


Corporate Classes

Available to teach a mixture of pilates, body-work and yoga based exercises for staff wellbeing.

Corporate staff pilates are an invaluable addition to any business.


These sessions can help reduce mental and physical stress, and are catered to the needs of staff dependent on the nature of the work.

Examples of tailored corporate classes:

  • A more mindful, re-centering practice with stretches and gentle conditioning for a high stress, moderately physical environment. 


  • A fun, core centered practice developing strength, posture and alignment for business requiring their staff to do heavy lifting and long shifts standing. 


  • A ‘decompress from the desk’ class - a fast paced lunchtime or evening class which works posture, improving circulation and getting the body moving to counteract desk-based work. 


Pricing and session length available upon enquiry. 

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