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Tali Foxworthy-Bowers is a Matwork Pilates instructor based in South East London, who grew up in Edinburgh and trained as a dancer in ballet, jazz and contemporary amongst others. She has suffered from a chronic back injury since the age of 10, which at 18, resulted in a 2 year break from dancing in order to allow her back to recover​


After thinking she would not be able to dance again, Tali began practising Pilates to help her body recover during this period. Having completely rebuilt her strength, she was able to complete a degree in Contemporary Dance in London. Tali qualified as a STOTT Pilates instructor in 2020 where she applied her own knowledge of injury rehabilitation to develop her own style. Pilates sessions with Tali are creative, holistic and light hearted, which will help you gain a well rounded understanding of the body and it’s connections to the brain, including physical coping mechanisms and behavioural movement habits.

About Tali...

About TFB Method...

Through various methods of training, Tali has developed her own practice which combines elements of Matwork Pilates (STOTT), Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), RAIN technique, body language & postural analysis, somatic work and breathwork.


TFB Method sessions offer a safe space where you have the opportunity to express your individual needs, challenges, and goals, to someone who really listens. Each person is different, which is why the TFB Method acts as a toolkit to be adapted for each client. 

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