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Pilates Workshops

We believe that knowledge is power. That's why these pilates workshops don't just strengthen and stretch the body - they aim to give you the tools and knowledge that will help you to understand your body, and learn to move in the most efficient and pain free way.

From ‘Strong Foundation,’ to ‘Pain Free Movement,’ the workshops will cover a range of topics within each theme, focusing on physical awareness and the functioning musculoskeletal system, to help give you an in depth understanding of how your body, and your brain, work together to navigate movement.

With small class sizes and a focus on individual feedback, these workshops will help you enrich your own practice, whatever level you're at.

Pilates workshops run once a month until September 2023. 

Scroll down to find out more about each workshop. 

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Building a Strong Foundation

This first workshop takes it back to the basics of pilates. In it we will cover basics of control, alignment and the principles for efficient movement - all the tools to give us strong building blocks for our practice.

No longer available

Workshop 2

Posture & Postural Habits

This second workshop deep dives into posture - how the spine moves, symmetry in the body and how to help counteract negative postural habits.

No longer available

Workshop 4

Walking, Running & Beyond

In this workshop we’ll take a look at everything to do with how the body works in motion. From feet anatomy to quick twitch muscle fibres, this workshop will give you the physical awareness of this everyday movement.

No longer available

Workshop 3

Pain Free Movement

Drawing from principles far beyond classical pilates, this workshop focuses on everything to do with pain management. Whether you are currently in pain or not, this workshop will allow you to understand what happens to the brain and body when it’s in pain - and how to help it.


No longer available

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